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Invisible Urmston – OK Creative

Urmston is fast becoming a hotbed of creative talent with many small businesses and independents working almost invisibly from home.

Here we shine a light on Jack and Maciej from 

OK Creative is an Urmston-based creative agency run by Jack Whitelegg and Maciej Zielinski who are pair of multi-disciplinary creatives specialising in all things branding and web. Services include logo and visual identity design, illustration, web design, animation, design for print and packaging design.  They mostly work with small businesses and start ups, providing high end, agency quality work, without the high end price tag and are currently working out of an office pod in Jack’s back garden.

Why did you set up in business?

“We set up OK while we were at university. The design industry is such a hard industry to get into when leaving uni, unless you can work for free to gain experience. So we thought, why not create our own experience and OK was born.  The idea came from being tired of seeing new businesses not reach their potential due to a lack of decent branding. We were originally called Oll Korrect which is the origins of the word OK and how it started as a joke between a group of friends, yet became recognizable worldwide. We were inspired by its growth and how one tiny word can have such a big impact. Morse code, sign language etc, everybody knows how to say OK. We took this philosophy and applied it to our practice, creating and building brands with scalability, adaptability and growth in mind to set them up for success.”

What is your point of difference / what makes you different from everyone else?

“We feel that our main point of difference is that everything we create is unique, high quality and actually means something. We put a lot of discovery work into every project to figure out exactly what makes the business unique, then we translate that into design to give the branding meaning and purpose. If we can’t explain why something is there, we won’t use it.  We also work very closely with our clients and involve them in the project as much as possible so that they learn along the way. We understand that starting a new business can be pretty hectic, so we tend to take some of the stress away by managing the whole creative process, whether that be organising signage or working with manufacturers on new products. By doing this, we make sure everything is kept consistent across the board.”

What were your last three local projects?

“We’ve worked on some really interesting products since we launched, including The Larder at 7, a new cycling kit for Stretford Wheelers, a rebrand for Dogs4Rescue and branding and web work for Riverbank Coffee.  We’re currently working on an awesome new kids clothing brand called ZAC+G , which we can’t wait to show everyone and a revolutionary new mobile app which we’d love to tell you more about but it’s a huge secret for the moment.

“Locally, we’ve also set up a Facebook group called Urmston Creatives. It’s grown quickly and already has 170 members. The idea is to create a space for local creatives to share their work, get to know other like minded individuals and collaborate in a ’no shade thrown’, non judgemental environment. We’re encouraging any local creatives to join and share!”

What do you like most about living and working in Urmston?

“It has to be the great sense of community. We’ve received lots of support since launching and are forever grateful to those who have trusted and chosen to work with us.  Urmston really is a lovely area and has so much to offer, whether it be the variety of local shops, great bars, or beautiful outdoor areas to walk the dogs in and explore.”

What are your favourite Urmston businesses? / Where do you like to eat and drink?

“Brewchimp is a big favourite of ours, there’s something about it that just keeps you in there for hours (probably the beer). We also love a good pizza from Mulino’s. We waited so long for there to be a proper pizza place in Urmston and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. We can’t wait until they can re open again and we can try the new outdoor area!”

What are your contact details should people wish to get in touch?

“You can find out more about us and view our work on our website

or take a look at our social media channels, our Instagram handle is

Or get in touch via email [email protected]

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