You are currently viewing Reasons to Love Urmston – local business showcase #6 – Nightcap Solutions

Reasons to Love Urmston – local business showcase #6 – Nightcap Solutions

Everybody LOVES a nightcap!  So in 2017 Urmston residents and friends David Martin and Peter Fearns founded Nightcap Solutions.  The duo shared a common goal; they had grown up in the hospitality sector with David’s family owning pubs across Greater Manchester and had both personally worked in the events sector hosting events of all sizes, from private parties and weddings to festivals and televised sporting events.

Inspired by delivering the very best, most impressive events, David and Peter designed The Skyline Bar, a purpose-built mobile unit that can perform anywhere, from a back garden to the middle of a remote field.  It is effectively a pub on wheels, and has much better capacity than the converted horse boxes and vintage carts that are often converted into mobile bars.  The Skyline Bar unfolds and offers a 360% serving space, which means no long lines of people queuing to get a drink.  Incorporated in the Skyline Bar are 4 draft pumps, 2 cooling systems, a full lighting system and refrigerated units.  It’s impressive an provides the wow factor at any event.  If the Skyline Bar isn’t suitable, or you need a mobile bar that works perfect indoors, the company also has a 14ft rustic wooden bar.

The small team at Nightcap Solutions are all passionate and want to deliver high quality service to all customers.  Working form home, they are currently planning events for 2021 – its seems people are planning ahead!

Looking back over the last three years, David and Peter remember fondly Lancaster Pride in 2018.  Over 3000 people attended this event and the Skyline Bar was the only bar present, which makes it by far the biggest event they have ever hosted.  For the team, it was amazing to see what the bar was capable of and it passed with flying colours – it was able to serve thousands of guests efficiently and elegantly. The duo really enjoyed working with the LGBT community on that event too.

David says: “Understanding what the customer wants makes a good mobile bar work, as every event is different.  When you know what type of event you are hosting, you can source excellent product at a fair price and provide an exceptional service.”

David’s favourite tipple is a single malt whisky.  But he also enjoys special festive cocktails created by the team.  Peter’s choice of drink is Vodka and Lemonade with a straw – nothing fancy.

With COVID having disrupted the hospitality sector for much of 2020, and restrictions still in place, David adds: “As we all know, the events industry is struggling due to COVID but there is hope with the trend for future events currently small and local, with safety and social distancing measures remaining in place.  Hopefully things will return to normal sooner rather than later, but for the time being, we are happy planning smaller events with our customers, giving them something to look forward to this Christmas hopefully and next year.”

Visit the website and social media channels for further information and the Christmas cocktail menus.

Or email [email protected]


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