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Thank Goodness for Goodness Zero Waste

There’s a new arrival on Urmston’s independent scene making it simple and easy to make a big difference to the global environment by shopping locally.

Goodness Zero Waste is the passion-project of Urmston-local Lucy Reynolds who was becoming increasingly conscious of the amount of litter that she was seeing on the way to work every day, and the amount of single-use plastic that was being used across the world.

At the same time, various topical documentaries such as ‘War on Plastics’ and ‘Our Planet’ were on air, amplifying the issues even further and highlighting the long term problem.  Lucy began to look for plastic-free alternatives and found it difficult to get hold of things locally; everything that she wanted had to be bought online and delivered in the post.

In order to help more people to make changes, she knew that options had to be available locally, and set about doing some research to which led her to discover the zero waste community; lots of people doing the same as she was thinking by making it easier to make a difference.

She identified potential premises in Urmston and took the plunge setting up Goodness Zero Waste. Due to the situation with Covid-19, her lease has been a little delayed, but she is hoping to be up and running in her own shop and able to welcome customers through the door in person in August.

In the meantime, Goodness Zero Waste has been helping Urmston locals make an immediate difference by offering a delivery service through Shocal, starting with essentials like rice and flour and extending to other kitchen cupboard and household essentials from there.

Along the way she has kept it very local, and been helped and inspired by her family; her mum owns her own business, her dad was a planner and her husband is a data analyst so she has no shortage of business brains to offer advice and support.  Her other role as an Exercise Specialist leading on the Falls Prevention project for Salford Community Leisure has also been helpful when it comes to risk assessments.

Lucy has positive aspirations for Goodness Zero Waste and can’t wait to officially open; a one-stop sustainable shop that helps local people make a big difference, she wants to offer a fun and welcoming environment where people feel comfortable and are inspired to see how easy and rewarding it is to make little changes that add up.  She’s also hoping that the shop becomes a great little community hub for people of all ages.

Urmston was a natural choice for Lucy for her project, it’s her home town and where her heart is, plus she would like to do something to help at a very local level.  Although she technically now lives in Stretford, she’s very much an Urmston girl and very proud of the town centre, its togetherness vibe and its great mix of independents.

The whole offering at Goodness Zero Waste is fun; Lucy is really hoping to get a peanut butter machine and a wine refill station, two of life’s great essentials and all while helping the environment.  She wants to provide an immersive, hands-on shopping experience and hopes that exciting features like these will help to inspire people and bring a true sense of involvement – as that’s what it’s all about.

So what are the top three things that people can start doing now to reduce their impact on the planet and reduce waste according to Lucy:

  • Switch to a renewable energy supplier
  • Remember the three Rs – refuse, reduce and reuse, then rot (compost) and recycle!
  • Reduce your meat consumption; if everyone in the UK went vegan for just two days each week, CO2 emissions would be reduced by the same amount as taking 54% of cars off the road!

Every little action, switch or conscious choice makes a difference. 

Good luck to Lucy and we look forward to seeing her open in Urmston soon!

Can you help!

Lucy has just launched a Crowdfunding appeal with just a few days left to go – it ends on 16 July.  She has reached 80% of her target, but as it is an all or nothing campaign, so if she does not reach her target none of the funds can be claimed. As a business with social value, she is eligible to apply for funding through two organisations but unfortunately all applications are currently closed due to Covid-19.  Setting up a Crowdfunder was a difficult decision but she has been encouraged by lots of people as it’s something of value for the local community and wider world so she’s hoping people support it giving her the opportunity to make this project the best it can be for the Urmston high street!

If you’d like to watch the video or make a pledge please visit and help to spread the word! Thank you very much!

For more information, you can visit or email Lucy at [email protected] or follow Goodness Zero Waste on Facebook or Instagram!

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